What is WhatsApp Web and how to use it on PC complete guide 2023 Free?

What is WhatsApp Web and how to use it on PC complete guide 2023 Free?

According to estimates, two billion active users use WhatsApp in a month. It is the third-largest social app that is being used in the world. WhatsApp Web is a software which is developed by the official WhatsApp. This is an amazing version of WhatsApp. We can use WhatsApp on our browser through WhatsApp web. It offers the same features as WhatsApp.

There are multiple advantages of WhatsApp Web such as in office work people use it on their computers. At the same time, they do their office work and use WhatsApp on the same screen. In this way, they perform their work with more efficiency. Here in this article, we are going to introduce a complete detail about WhatsApp Web. If anyone wants to know about it, he must read the complete article warm-heartedly.

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Why people used WhatsApp web?

According to (WHO) World Health Organization 60% population of the world is associated with office work. They cannot use WhatsApp on their mobiles therefore WhatsApp developed WhatsApp Web that can be used in computers. After the arrival of this app, the efficiency of office work has been introduced.

  • Because with the help of this everyone can do multiple tasks at the same time just have to connect the official WA with WA Web.
  • This app offers the same features as WhatsApp such as sending and receiving messages. Moreover, we can send and download large media files.
  • Everyone can use it easily. The privacy and security of this software is so strong.
WhatsApp web for desktop

How to WhatsApp Web Login on a PC?

Everyone can use WA Web on his PC so he would have to follow some instructions carefully. These are given below.

  • open the browser on your PC.
  • Search WA Web in the search bar. After searching WA Web generate QR Code manually.
  • Now open the official WA on your mobile. Then tap on the 3 dots menu option, and now click on the linked devices .
  • After that, the code scanner will be generated automatically.
  • With the help of a mobile scan QR Code from the computer. After a few seconds, it will be saved on your device.

Features of WhatsApp Web?

This software has the same features as the official Whatsapp. If someone is interested and wants to know about them so he must read this dedicated article. Its multiple features are discussed below.

Sending And Receiving Messages

With the use of this app, we can send and receive messages easily. In this case, the keyboard creates a lot of ease during typing.

Sending And Receiving Messages
Sending And Receiving Messages

Sharing of Large Media Files

The official WhatsApp supports sharing of large media files while the WA Web also supports large media files. In short, we can send media files through this software.

Sharing of Large Media Files
Sharing of Large Media Files

Compatible with all Browser

WA Web is compatible with different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari. It cannot be used on other internet browsers.

Compatible with all Browser
Compatible with all Browser

Privacy Setting

The official WhatsApp offers to its users to secure their privacy. WA always thinks about the needs of its users. Therefore it keeps the chat end-to-end encrypted.

Privacy Setting
Privacy Setting

Freeze Last Seen

Moreover, this version of WA gives the option to hide your privacy according to your own choice. In short, we can freeze our last seen and hide our active status.

Freeze Last Seen
Freeze Last Seen

Advantages of WhatsApp Web?

  • Multitasking
  • Send and receive messages
  • Group chats
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Ease in typing

And many more


  • Connection to the internet is necessary for both devices(Mobile & Pc)

  • Not usable for all browsers

  • This leads to issues with mental health

How to log out of WhatsApp Web?

There are a few steps that you would have to follow to log out. That is discussed below.

  • Go to WA Web and click on the 3 dots menu.

  • Here click on log out. After a few seconds, it is logged out automatically.
Logout WhatsApp Web
Logout WhatsApp Web


Is WhatsApp web insecure?

It is so secure app. It is also free from any malicious activity so you must avoid any harmful extensions or other insecure downloads.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web?

There is a difference in format between them. In addition, both have the same features. Such as sending and receiving messages, media sharing, group chat, and many more.

Can I use WA Web Browser on mobile?

It cannot be used on mobile because it is developed for web browsers.


It is built-in is a version of the official WhatsApp. Both have the same features. Anyone who wants to do multiple tasks on the same screen then he must go with this version because it completes all demands that were arose by former users.

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