WhatsApp Mini Apk Download Latest Version 2023 Free

WhatsApp Mini Apk Download Latest Version 2023 Free

The WhatsApp Mini apk is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, the app has been continuously updating its latest and new versions. And today we introduce WhatsApp’s new and latest version which is WhatsApp Mini APK. The WhatsApp mini-app is a lightweight version of the original WhatsApp application. This mini apk version is specially designed to consume less storage and less data. This mini-app is perfect for people who have low-end smartphones or limited storage space on their devices. So you can enjoy WhatsApp mini app right now.

What is WhatsApp Mini?

This app is full of amazing and latest features such as status downloader, anonymous status viewer, hide last seen, and so many more latest features.

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WhatsApp mini Apk

App Information

App NameWhatsApp Mini Apk
Operating SystemAndroid
Last Update1 Day Ago
Size25 MB

Features of WhatsApp Mini APK?

This WhatsApp APK is full of new and latest features.

  • Google Drive Backup

  • Anti-Revoke Message

  • Status Downloader

  • Anti-status Delete

  • Anonymous Status Viewer

  • Blue Ticks After Reply

  • Hide/ Freeze Last Seen

  • Customization

  • DND Mode

  • Custom Call Privacy

  • Lock WhatsApp Chats

Google Drive Backup

Google Drive backup mod app is one of the most unique and very useful features. It allows you to link your WhatsApp with Google and you can upload backup history directly to google drive. No other WhatsApp mod app does not provide this latest feature. And they don’t support it.

Google Drive Backup
Google Drive Backup

Anti-Revoke Message

This latest version of WhatsApp allows you to delete messages for everyone due to anti-revoke message features. Therefore you can read all the deleted messages of your WhatsApp chats.

Anti-Revoke Message
Anti-Revoke Message

Status Downloader

Another feature of the WhatsApp app is the WhatsApp status downloader. These features are available in this WhatsApp app, you can download the WhatsApp status of your friends and relatives with just one click. And you don’t need any third-party app to download statuses.

Download status
Download status

Anti-status Delete

This WhatsApp app provides another latest feature anti- status deletion. That allows you to see the deleted statuses of your WhatsApp contacts. So you can reply to your friends with those statuses as well. So this feature is very useful and helpful for you.

Anti-Status  Delete
Anti-Status Delete

Anonymous Status Viewer

The WhatsApp mini app provides this feature, and this feature is so helpful for you. Because you can hide from the status viewers. You can see the status of your friends without letting them know. Because you will be only visible if you click on the double ticks given at the left bottom.

Blue Ticks after Reply

In this WhatsApp mini app, you can get also access to enable blue ticks after a reply. You can now able to read messages on WhatsApp without informing your friends. So you can easily ignore your friends. They will only see blue ticks if you reply to your friends. If you don’t reply to your friends then they will not see it.

Blue Tick After Reply
Blue Ticks After Reply

Hide/Freeze Last Seen

The WhatsApp app allows you to hide and freeze you’re last seen. You can hide your last seen with your friends. Therefore nobody has seen your last seen. These amazing features are very useful and very informative. You can enable these features, so you can go to your WhatsApp setting and open privacy and then you can set your last seen very easily and restart your WhatsApp and all is done.

Hide Freeze Last Seen
Hide Freeze Last Seen


This WhatsApp app gives you full access to customize its interface. So you can add new themes, logos, fonts, styles, and much more in this WhatsApp. So you can download your favorite themes from the library of the WhatsApp mini app. Therefore you can also download custom logos and fonts and can add them to this WhatsApp.

Theme Customization

DND Mode

In this WhatsApp, you get a do not disturb mode. If you enable this feature, then you become completely offline. You no longer receive and send texts if you enable DND mode.

Customer Call privacy

In this WhatsApp mini, you can also get control over incoming. You can also set custom privacy for each contact to call you. And if you disable calling from the privacy of this WhatsApp and then nobody can able to call you. So you cannot receive any calls from anyone.

Customer Call privacy
Custom Call Privacy

Lock WhatsApp Chats

This feature is the last feature of the WhatsApp mini app. This WhatsApp feature allows you to lock your WhatsApp chats with a custom pin or pattern. You can also set a custom pin for each chat you want. Nobody can access that chat if you this feature.

Lock WhatsApp Chat
Lock WhatsApp Chat

How to Install WhatsApp Mini Apk?

  • Go to the WhatsApp setting of your Android device and laptop and allows the unknown source of installation.

  • Now, you go to the download folder of the WhatsApp mini app.

  • Click on the click button and install the WhatsApp mini app.

  • You will wait only a few minutes to complete the process of downloading.

  • After completing the process you will be able to see your WhatsApp mini app on your Android smartphones and many more devices.

  • Therefore you open WhatsApp mini apk and enjoy it.

How to update WhatsApp Mini?

  • Go to the settings of WhatsApp Mini.

  • You can click on the updated app.

  • It will open a website.

  • You can click on the download button to download the new and latest version of the WhatsApp mini app

  • Now, you can able to install the latest version, therefore you have downloaded.

  • Therefore you have to do for updating WhatsApp Mini on a daily base.


Is it safe to use WhatsApp Mini APK?

Yes, it is much safe to use WhatsApp mini app. You will never face any kind of issues while using this WhatsApp mini app on your smarts phones.

Does WhatsApp Mini APK have an Anti-Ban Feature?

Yes, the WhatsApp mini app provides a useful anti-ban feature, it protects your account from any ban. And you will never face the ban issue in your WhatsApp account, therefor you enjoy this app without any problem of ban issues.


This WhatsApp is a modified and latest version of official WhatsApp. So it is also known as WhatsApp B56 Mini APK. The WhatsApp consists of many new and latest features such as hiding last seen and viewing statuses without being shown. You can also able to lock your WhatsApp Mini Apk are also close your contact chats in this WhatsApp.

And the very good thing about WhatsApp mini app is that’s are allowed to a user are connect our WhatsApp with Google Drive for making backups, that’s unavailable on all other WhatsApp mods. So you can enjoy WhatsApp mini app on your phones and other Android devices as early as possible and share its feedback in your friends and family and relatives.

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