Download Rb WhatsApp Apk Latest Version For Android 2023 Free

Download Rb WhatsApp Apk Latest Version For Android 2023 Free

RB WhatsApp is the Latest version of WhatsApp. You can easily chat with your friends but normal WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with these facilities. It has taken over the world in a very short time due to its additional functions. This mod app is Also known as the Black Edition.

Which you don’t get to see in other WhatsApp.It has left applications like Delta WhatsApp and Ma WhatsApp behind Due to its black mode and other Features. In this application, you will get to see all the latest versions of 2023.

What Is Rb WhatsApp?

Some developers introduced the RB WhatsApp mod app in the market by pointing out its limitations. RB WhatsApp is a modified application. It has many Interesting modes. Its main interface is black edition, due to which it is also known as black edition worldwide.

It has also become the fastest means of communication. and it has some additional features Which are mentioned below. Due to these Interesting modes, he made his name All over the world in a very short period.

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Rb WhatsApp

App Information

App NameRb WhatsApp
Price Free
File Size36MB
Last Updates1 Day Ago

Features of RB WhatsApp?

In terms of features, there are many latest and reliable modded apps in the social market But RB WhatsApp has some following features. Here we will describe all the features of RB WhatsApp that we don’t get in normal WhatsApp and easily get in RB WhatsApp.If you want to know about its features, you must read the complete article.


Black Interface and Theme

This WhatsApp is very famous because of its awesome theme. It comes with a distinctive black interface. This black interface is soothing to the eyes at night. However, if you don’t like the black interface, you have numerous options to change the interface. You can download and use any theme of your choice. Here you can make Various changes other than the theme like style, fonts, logo, etc.

Black Interface and Theme
Black Interface and Theme


If you are using any other mods. Due to this, your account is getting banned. And you are very worried. As you have seen, Rb WhatsApp has come into the market. Which will save you from all kinds of problems.


Anti Status Delete

In this WhatsApp mod app, you get a new feature Anti delete status. which you don’t get to see on normal WhatsApp.Often you must have seen that normal WhatsApp status get deleted before 24 hours. But on Rb WhatsApp, you can see the delete status before 24 hours. And you can also reply to their statuses.

Anti Delete Status
Anti Delete Status

Freeze Last Seen

This is a secret feature of Rb WhatsApp in which you can customize the settings. Additionally, you can enable and disable some options. Normal WhatsApp does not offer you the same features as Rb WhatsApp.

Freeze Last Seen
Freeze Last Seen

Download Status

Often you must have seen that you are looking at the status of your friends on normal WhatsApp.  If you like any of them then you have to go to a different application to download but with RB WhatsApp you don’t need to do anything like that here you can download with just one click.

Download status
Download status

How to Download and Install Rb WhatsApp?

Downloading RB WhatsApp is very easy. But some people get worried while downloading this mod but now you don’t need to worry. We have provided an Interesting guide to downloading it.

  • First of all, you would have to visit my official website.
  • Click on the download button above.
  • The file will be Download in a short time.
  • After that, you have to go to the settings of the android device.
  • There you will find an apk file.
  • After opening the file you have to click on the install.
  • The file will be installed shortly.

After this process, you have to give your phone number.  After that, you have to enter the 6-digit verification code and then you can use it easily.

Note: This file is not available on the Google play store.


What is Rb WhatsApp?

Rb WhatsApp is one of the popular mods which has become very popular recently. It has all the features that are not found in normal WhatsApp.

Is RB WhatsApp a virus?

No, Rb Whatsapp is safe from all types of viruses. You will not have any kinds of problems while using this mod.


RB WhatsApp is also known as Black WhatsApp in the market. This black interface is cool to the eyes. This mod is invented by an unknown Developer. It is a safe application. It protects you from all restrictions. More interesting mods you can see. This mod also has some features like Anti-Ban, freeze last Seen, delete status, privacy policy, download status, etc. This is a free application That you can use on your Android device without any payment.

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