OG WhatsApp v20.20 Apk Download For Android Free

OG WhatsApp v20.20 Apk Download For Android Free

Have you guys had enough of looking for a WhatsApp mod that won’t get our accounts banned? Now that you’ve found it, you can stop looking because your question has been answered. OG WhatsApp APK: Have you come across this name before?

If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you read this post in its entirety because it discusses the most recent version of OG WhatsApp, which is one of the most widely used different versions of WhatsApp. Read the article that can be found below to learn about the features that are unique to the most recent version of OG WhatsApp APK for Android.

About OG WhatsApp

As I mentioned to you earlier, there are a lot of different mods for WhatsApp that provide additional features compared to the standard WhatsApp application. However, as you are aware, using some of these modifications could result in your account being banned. In contrast to GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, the OG WhatsApp client does not have this feature, making it a unique and valuable mod.

However, this does not imply that it possesses few qualities; on the contrary, it possesses many features, all of which are detailed further in this article. To hint, the original WhatsApp app contains a feature called the message scheduler, which is great. You will get the explanation below to clarify some facts about the situation.

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OG WhatsApp

App Information:

App NameOG WhatsApp
File Size48 MB
Android Version Required5.0+
Last updated1 days ago


the official WhatsApp client lacks support for a great deal of OGWA 2022 APK’s functionality. If you have an Android phone and are considering downloading OG WhatsApp APK, then before you do so, I strongly suggest that you check over the app’s features to get a better sense of whether or not it will fulfill your requirements.

  • OG WhatsApp App is an Anti-ban modification of WhatsApp.
  • At one time, up to ninety pictures can be sent.
  • Access to two different accounts on a single mobile device
  • Message scheduler
  • It is now able to back up conversations.
  • You are allowed to include up to 250 words in your status.
  • The downloader of the status that is built in.
  • Can place calls to parties, other ones saved in contacts.
  • OG WhatsApp is equipped with a lock option right out of the box.
  • Emoji expansion as well as support for additional languages
  • It can prevent calls from certain clients from getting through.
  • We can edit launcher icons.
  • Regular updates

What’s New in OG WhatsApp APK’s Latest Version?

  • They are refreshed on a new basis.
  • New setting design
  • Unique & New emojis
  • Stickers from Google Play have been fixed and added.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while looking for themes

The most recent release of OG WhatsApp addresses various issues, including crashes and glitches. However, these crashing issues have been addressed with the most recent release. Additionally, the OG WhatsApp software has been updated with a new foundation in addition to the design of the new setting. Additionally, this release includes brand new emojis for your use.

Explanation of OG WhatsApp’s features

  • Anti-ban functionality

When it comes to WhatsApp modifications, the latest version of the original WhatsApp features an anti-ban feature, which is a feature that is well regarded. Most modified versions, such as GBWA, WA Plus, and others, have the drawback of blocking accounts. However, installing the OG WhatsApp APK on your device is completely risk-free. However, if you persistently use mode features that WhatsApp Officials do not permit in this app, your account may be suspended because such features disrespect WhatsApp’s regulations. This is because WhatsApp Officials do not permit mode features. Therefore, utilize it responsibly, and you won’t get your account blocked.

Anti-ban functionality
Anti-ban functionality

Sending many photos is possible.

Regarding photos, the official WhatsApp app has fewer options than its competitors. The maximum number of pictures that may be sent at once is ten, but employing OGWA will increase that capacity. Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned about the number of photos. Send only one at a time, please.

Sending many photos is possible.
Sending many photos is possible.

Message scheduler

The official version of WhatsApp lacks access to this highly unique function, which is why it is only available on the OG WhatsApp app. Additionally, the utilization of this service is risk-free. You should never have any reservations about using this feature of the OG WhatsApp. Ever. Even when you are not using the device, you can still schedule a message to be sent to any conversation at any time. This capability is quite helpful in various settings, such as meetings.

Message scheduler
Message scheduler

Backup functionality

Any messenger application that does not include a backup feature will not live up to our expectations. However, it would help if you never neglected to back up your data because you will be unable to use this function effectively if you do not back up the data.

Status features

A lengthy status update can be shared with others via OG WhatsApp. The maximum number of characters allowed in a status update has been raised to 250, which is wonderful news. Additionally, the most recent version of OG WhatsApp provides a function that enables us to download the status of any user with only a few touches on the screen. People who want to store their statuses will find this feature quite useful to spare them the trouble of taking screenshots or engaging in other time-consuming activities to obtain images or videos, etc.

Status features
Status features

The group’s size grew.

This app has a function that allows us to extend the name of any group to a maximum of 35 characters, in contrast to WhatsApp, which does not allow us to extend the length of a group’s name beyond its current limit. It sounds wonderful. In addition, a function enables us to call unidentified numbers without adding those numbers to our contacts list.

The group's size grew.
The group’s size grew.

Built-in lock

With the most recent update to OG WhatsApp, we now have access to a new feature called an inbuilt lock mechanism. People who speak in secret and don’t want their conversations to be seen by others will find this option beneficial. Therefore, it is possible to lock them and remain secure when using OG WhatsApp. It is a very nice feature, but unfortunately, it is not included in the version of WhatsApp that can be downloaded from the official website.

Built-in lock
Built-in lock

Multilingual emoji expansion

Emojis are the most important component of a chat; without them, the conversation appears lifeless. In our digital era, our expressions are represented by emojis. This is how the “OG WhatsApp App” supports other languages and includes new emojis in its repertoire of features. At the moment, it is equipped with a significant number of pre-installed languages, enabling users to comprehend what is being said to them in their tongue.

Multilingual emoji expansion
Multilingual emoji expansion

Regular updates

You are aware that keeping up with the latest information is a very crucial aspect of anything. Because of this, OG WhatsApp receives regular updates on a somewhat sporadic basis to continue providing the best service possible to its users. The most recent updates offer several bug fixes and some new features. In addition, we have provided you with the most recent version, enabling you to use all of the functions without any problems.

Regular updates
Regular updates

Simple Steps to Follow for the OG WhatsApp App Installation

Here is the straightforward installation guide for OG WhatsApp APK. Because some individuals fail to read the guide before installing this OGWA mod, which causes them to run into difficulties installing, just follow these few simple instructions successfully.

  • After downloading the OG WhatsApp APK onto your Android smartphone, you will need to permit installation from an unknown source to use the app. Because OG WhatsApp is not currently distributed through official channels like the Play Store, we are obligated to provide this option. Navigate to the “settings” menu, then select “security,” “permissions,” and “allow unknown source” to enable installation from unknown sources.

  • After enabling installation from unknown sources, navigate to the OG WhatsApp App file on your Android device. To perform this, you will need to navigate to > device storage > downloads > OG WhatsApp APK. You will need to wait till the installation is finished before continuing.

  • You may now launch the original WhatsApp app on your device, create an account, and begin taking advantage of all of these capabilities.


OG WhatsApp APK will never get us in trouble?

OG WhatsApp is safe, unlike many WhatsApp Mods, although unlawful features are against WhatsApp’s standards. Our account will be banned. WhatsApp is not affiliated with any WhatsApp mods, thus employing unapproved features would ban our account. So utilize OG WhatsApp to avoid getting banned.

What exactly is the Mod APK?

Mods are modified software. These updated versions may be linked to the original App. Like WhatsApp mod OG. This version has more features. Also, it’s not official WhatsApp. Third-party developers create most mods.

Is it dangerous to utilize the OG WhatsApp app?

If you utilize typical OG WhatsApp capabilities, that’s great, but if you use features not allowed by official WhatsApp, your account may be suspended. This won’t harm your device. It’s not rooted. So download the latest version and try it. I hope it’s good.

Will my WhatsApp account work for both?

Yes, you may use the same account for official WhatsApp and OG WhatsApp APK, but when you log in, the other app won’t operate. You must log in again, and the same thing happens. So you can’t utilize WA and OGWA accounts simultaneously. You can utilize one account if you log in and out repeatedly.

Where can I obtain OG WhatsApp APK?

Visit our website for updates. We updated modifications. Downloading is easy. Our APKs have a one-tap download button. Visit our website to download updates.

OG WhatsApp works on my iOS device?

OG WhatsApp isn’t on iOS. GB WhatsApp is another WhatsApp mod. We’ll let you know when OGWA iOS updates. Use WhatsApp until then.


You should now be familiar with OG WhatsApp APK, which is an alternative version of WhatsApp that includes several features that are absent from the original app. It offers a remarkable anti-ban feature for a WhatsApp mod. However, if you use features that WhatsApp Officials deem to be unsafe, your account may be banned as a result of this violation of their terms and conditions. Therefore, make sure to utilize it carefully. Additionally, you can Download the OG WhatsApp App Latest Version immediately from our website in an easy and hassle-free manner. 

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