GB WhatsApp 19.52.6 Apk Download (Updated) Latest 2023 Version For Android Free

GB WhatsApp 19.52.6 Apk Download (Updated) Latest Version 2023 For Android Free

GB WhatsApp It is common knowledge that WhatsApp is a messaging application that makes use of the data from our internet connection and enables users to communicate with one another through free voice and video conversations, as well as the transmission of text messages. However, there are also certain restrictions to consider. Because WhatsApp is restricted in the services it can offer, we have developed an alternative that goes by the name GB WhatsApp.

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What is GB WhatsApp?

to provide you access to additional features and more granular control over how those features are implemented. The WhatsApp Plus mod, which was the basis for this mod’s design, was eventually discontinued by the firm that developed the actual WhatsApp app. After you have completed the steps required to download GB WhatsApp, the app will automatically install itself on top of the version of WhatsApp you are already using.

After that, you will have the ability to customize a wide variety of settings and have access to brand-new features. Changes made to the GB WhatsApp apk include alterations to the settings and functioning of the app, as well as the introduction of whole new features (more on this later), as well as less significant improvements to things like the theme of your WhatsApp and the program’s overall appearance.

GB WhatsApp

App Information

App NameGB WhatsApp
Size53 MB
Operating SystemAndroid
Updated on1 day ago


  • Hide the time when selected contacts were last spotted online.

  • Capability to Send Files in APK Format

  • Ability to send a video of up to 50 MB as opposed to the previous limit of 16 MB for videos

  • Can now send up to 90 photographs in a single session, whereas the standard WhatsApp only allows for ten images each session.

  • Send an audio clip that is 100 MB in size rather than 16 MB.

  • Locking both the WhatsApp app itself and each communication is also possible.

  • Changing the icon for the app as well as the icon for notifications may be done from the settings.

  • Instantaneous translation of conversations into a variety of languages

  • Options for a bespoke theme

  • When you open voice messages for contacts or groups, make sure the blue microphone is hidden.

  • Hide View Status Privacy allows you to view the status of other users or contacts without letting them know that you have done so by not displaying your name or letting them know that you have viewed their status.

  • Personalized and original Emoji

  • Copying a portion of a message’s content from WhatsApp

  • Copy the status of others using the clipboard.

  • Even after viewing the message, the blue ticks should be hidden from contacts and groups.

  • Even after the message has been delivered, the Second Tick can be hidden for contacts and groups.

  • It makes it possible to add 600 persons to the broadcast group.

  • The original version of WhatsApp only allowed for 139 characters in a status update, but the current version offers 255.

  • Helps with around 100 different languages

  • You can use no other program but WhatsApp to lock parts of your chats in the app.

  • Only some Contacts’ Last Seen information will be hidden.

  • Send gif images, and if you don’t want to talk, you can turn off voice calling.

  • Modify the ticks’ color and appearance.

Screenshots of GB WhatsApp

How to install GB WhatsApp?

You should start by reading the GB WhatsApp installation guide right now before you do anything else. People occasionally fail to read the installation documentation, which causes them to run into difficulties when attempting to set up this application. Installing it correctly requires just a few simple steps, which are outlined here.

  • First tab the download button

  • Before installing the latest version of GB WhatsApp, you will need to enable the installation of software from untrusted sources.

  • The next step is to locate the APK file that was downloaded to your device. To accomplish this, navigate to the storage area of the smartphone, download the GB WhatsApp APK, and then locate it on the device.

  • Now, open up the file, and all you have to do is click the “install” button after a brief pause.

  • You can now launch the GB WhatsApp APK file on your smartphone, create an account, and take advantage of all of these features.
Install GB WhatsApp


Why would you want to utilize “GB WhatsApp APK”?

You are under no obligation to download the GB version of WhatsApp. Because you are aware of both the benefits and drawbacks, the decision is entirely in your hands.

Can I make audio-video calls with the most recent upgrade for GB WhatsApp?

Yes, because we are aware of how important the value of this part of the calling is. There are voice and video calling options available within GB WhatsApp.

Is it safe to install to GB WhatsApp?

When it comes to the security of your smartphone, GB WhatsApp is a safe option because it does not demand that your phone be rooted. Therefore, my recommendation is that you make use of a temporary number.

Is it possible for me to utilize several accounts with the GB WhatsApp APK?

Yes, you can utilize multi-accounts. You are free to make use of two, three, or even all four accounts.


I hope that the APK of the official WhatsApp app will be to your taste. GB WhatsApp offers the same high level of security as the official WhatsApp app as well as the same range of subscription options. If you and some of your friends could give this fantastic GB WhatsApp APK some feedback, we would be extremely appreciative. You will feel as though you are using one of the most advanced apps with the most recent features. Because it shares the same licensing as the original software, there won’t be any problems with its safety that you have to worry about.