Delta WhatsApp V9.60 Apk Download Latest Version Free

Delta WhatsApp V9.60 Apk Download Latest Version Free

Delta WhatsApp While the official WhatsApp includes a ton of cool stuff and is often upgraded, not many people are happy with it since they want more customization options and new features. As a result, more and more people are switching to WhatsApp Delta by downloading its apk, because it has many desirable qualities, including a high degree of anonymity.

What is Delta WhatsApp?

It’s a tweaked build of the original WhatsApp that adds several conveniences that the original version lacks. The Delta WhatsApp app was created by Delta Labs Studios and is based on the popular GB WhatsApp. This is also known as GB WhatsApp Delta. In addition to GB WhatsApp’s capabilities, this WhatsApp mod apk adds its customizations and a fresh user experience. In this version of WhatsApp, you can change the look and feel of the app down to the tiniest detail by tweaking the UI, changing the typefaces, and rearranging the text.

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Delta WhatsApp

App Information

App NameDelta WhatsApp APK
Last UpdatedToday
Requirement4.0.3 and above
 Size48.38 MB

Features Of Delta WhatsApp?


The WhatsApp mod apk provides extensive UI customization options. You can now personalize your messages with unique looks and features like icons, logos, typefaces, blue checkmarks, speech bubbles, and stickers. Here’s how to use WhatsApp Delta themes.

  • When ready, click three dots.
  • Then, go to Delta Settings by clicking there.
  • Check the bottom.
  • Follow the links to the themes.
  • Get the theme and put it to use with a simple download.
  • That’s it for changing the look of Delta Whatsapp.

Prevent License Revocation

This WhatsApp modification’s standout function is its ability to prevent the deletion of sent messages. Thanks to this update, you may now read everyone’s deleted messages. You may not only view messages that have been deleted from WhatsApp, but you can even respond to them.

Prevent License Revocation
Prevent License Revocation

Delete Status

An anti-status-erase feature is included in the WhatsApp modded apk, giving you access to your friends and family’s deleted statuses on WhatsApp.

Delete Status
Delete Status

Data Downloader

This WhatsApp add-on features an in-built downloader for your status updates. Using this function, you may easily save your friends and family’s WhatsApp status updates. This WhatsApp tweak eliminates the requirement for a separate program to download WhatsApp status updates.

Data Downloader
Data Downloader

Automatic Reply

This WhatsApp tweak allows for an automated reply to be sent. It’s a beneficial function of this WhatsApp. When you need to let people know you won’t be able to respond right away, such as when you’re at a meeting, you can create an auto-reply message to let people know. It’s a handy function in this respect.

Auto Reply
Auto Reply


WhatsApp’s built-in message scheduler helps maintain contact with your clientele at all hours. This function will help you improve your business by allowing you to set reminders.

Prevent License Revocation:

Show Offline

You can freeze your online status and hide your online status in this modified version of WhatsApp. To activate this function, please do the following:

  • Tap the menu button (three dots).

  • Then, navigate to the Delta WhatsApp menu and select the Settings option.

  • Then, go to the last place you saw the freeze and click.

  • Then, go to the last place you saw the freeze and click.

  • You can finish the process by restarting WhatsApp.

With your last seen frozen, you can go offline while still being visible to others online. This way, no one can tell if you are online without talking to them.

Notification Silence/Flight Mode

WhatsApp also has a Do Not Disturb/Flight mode. Once you activate this feature, you can go entirely offline on WhatsApp. Neither you nor anybody else can contact you via text message. WhatsApp mod apk’s data-saving mode allows you to get more done when online, making you a more efficient worker.

Ticks in blue

This is my favorite feature of this WhatsApp mod apk. After turning on this option, you can view your friends’ messages without having to receive blue ticks.

Dark Mode

With this WhatsApp-modded APK, you can switch to a nighttime theme. Click the moon icon in the WhatsApp mod apk’s header to activate this function.

Delta WhatsApp: How to Get the App for Android?

Here’s how to get Delta WhatsApp set up for the first time. Before switching to GB-DELTA WhatsApp from Official WA, be sure to take a backup of all of your important data.

  • Use the above link to get the app on your device.
  • To get started with WhatsApp Delta, wait for the download to finish and click the button.
  • Just put in your phone number and the verification code you were given.
  • Take advantage of its one-of-a-kind user interface and extensive features.

Since Google doesn’t permit altered apps in the Play Store, you won’t be able to find them there. Therefore, we offer the DELTA-GB WhatsApp apk for download on our site. Currently, we are using the most recent version of the mod software that has been officially released.


Is it the same as GB WhatsApp?

The reason for this question is that it is derived from GBWA. The Delta GB WA, on the other hand, has more ways to change things than just its unique user interface.

Does GBWA Delta collect data from you?

No, the developer of this application does not gather any information on its users in any way.

What happens if your account is banned permanently?

There is a reduced likelihood of having your account banned. Despite this, neither the developer nor we are responsible for restricting accounts. We strongly suggest that you don’t use this mod app for your main number. Instead, you should use it for a second number.

Is it permissible to use GB WhatsApp Delta?

The official WhatsApp team believes that any program that modifies the app is prohibited. Because of security and privacy concerns, they won’t allow customized program downloads. Even so, GB-DELTA will never be banned as long as it gets new versions on a regular basis.


Delta Labs has developed a version of the popular messaging software GB WhatsApp called Delta WhatsApp. With its WAMOD interface and GB WhatsApp integration, it’s a great alternative to the original. Some features included in this WhatsApp hack are the ability to hide or freeze your last seen, an anti-revoke message and status, a status downloader, user-defined themes, and much more. Using this WhatsApp mod apk is entirely risk-free, and you won’t encounter any problems.

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