MB WhatsApp Apk v9.66 Download Free For Android

MB WhatsApp Apk v9.66 Download Free For Android

MB WhatsApp APK does not require any sort of introduction. It is an application that is downloaded and used by almost all of the people who own smartphones. It is the first application that anyone would put on their smartphone after making the purchase. Therefore, why not have a version of this app that has been modified? Yes, I’m referring to MB WhatsApp.

What is Mb WhatsApp APK?

The default version of WhatsApp does not allow users to perform much functionality. You do not have much control over your privacy settings because you have limited options. The default version does not include the user interface or the themes.

Because of this, I am bringing you a version of WhatsApp that includes everything that has ever been added. You have access to more than a thousand unique themes, each of which can be modified to reflect your individual preferences, and you can switch between themes at will.

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App Info

  • Name
  • MB WhatsApp
  • Size
  • 57 MB
  • Installs
  • 10,000+
  • Required Version
  • 4.4 +
  • Rating
  • 4 +
  • Updated on
  • Just Now
  • Category
  • Social

This app is not available on Google Play Store


You have nothing to worry about regarding how this MB WhatsApp APK operates. It operates using the same basic principles. You can send and access the message, similar to the functionality of what’s app. You will have access to a variety of different themes. If You want to Download any other Modified Version of WhatsApp Visit our Homepage.

Tabs have been split up according to their respective types. For example, the status tab and the message tab were already distinct, but in this version, the tab for the group is now distinct from the tab for the home message. Within this app, you can alter not only the colors but also the placement of these tabs.

Screenshots of MB WhatsApp


The following is a list of some of the newly added features, in addition to those that have
always been available and everything else that the app has to offer.

Aesthetic Design

The most striking visual feature is the aesthetically pleasing design, which is very much like the iOS version.

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Introduces the option of applying filters to photos before sending them, giving users a wider variety of options than those available in the base version of WhatsApp.

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Private Lock

The lock, which can be activated with a fingerprint, pattern, or pin, gives you the ability to keep your conversations private and secure.

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Image Quality

Photos can be sent in their native format without suffering any degradation in quality. In the most authentic form of the Telegram style.

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Infinite Emojis

In MB WhatsApp You have access to a huge library of different emoji styles, which is perfect if you don’t want to constantly see the same faces in your messages.

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Status Setting

You now have the ability to write up to 250 characters in the statuses, and there are more ways than ever before to customize the privacy settings.

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Multiple Themes

You have the ability to personalize the app using a variety of themes, any of which can be retrieved from the app’s built-in theme library or downloaded from the internet. You are able to make periodic updates to it, which will give it a look and feel that is uniquely yours.

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Run Double Program

You can run up to two different programs on the same device, which is a significant advantage over other solutions. As a result, the installation of a programs like Dual Space or anything else that is functionally equivalent is no longer required.

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App Notifications

You can completely obfuscate app notifications when you go the custom route. This is an excellent solution for situations in which you do not want any of your communications to be shared with the general public.

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Max File Size

When sending a file or video, this feature raises the limit to a maximum of 700 megabytes, up from the previous maximum of 16 megabytes. This is an incredible number, especially when we take into account the fact that we can stream virtually any movie via the application without having to make use of Google Drive or another service of a similar nature.

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Hide Privacy

MB WhatsApp can hide any statuses associated with your contacts, such as “Online,” “Last time,” “Writing,” “Recording audio,” and so on. Because of this, we will be able to take a step within the program that will be nearly unnoticed by anyone else.

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How to Install MB WhatsApp APK?

The installation of MB WhatsApp does not involve any complicated steps. If you have any questions, I have outlined the steps that you need to carry out below:

  • Navigate to the settings menu for WhatsApp (using the already installed version), then select Chats > Backup > Save. So you can make a backup to keep all your data.
  • After that, check to see that the option on your device that allows you to install APKs from unknown sources is turned on. You can make sure of that by going to the Settings menu.
  • Navigate to the location where the MB WhatsApp APK file was saved on your device. Once you are inside, you should run it to begin installing it. You will need to grant it all the permissions it requests, just as you would with any other program.
  • Wait until the installation is completely done. When you are finished, launch the application.
  • After that, just like in the WhatsApp desktop application, you will be prompted to enter your phone number before continuing. After you have finished filling it out, you will be able to upload the backup of your conversations that you prepared in advance, and you will also be able to use all of the new features that have been added.


Yes. There have been no known adverse reports from users using this MOD. The programmer ensures that it receives regular updates to eliminate any potential issues arising from its use.

Because it is a modified application, it cannot be downloaded from digital distribution platforms like the Google Play Store. As a result, you will need to navigate to various other websites to find the most recent version of this application on those websites.

To ensure that you are using the most recent version of MB WhatsApp, I strongly suggest you check back on this page periodically to see the most recent release. You might also receive a notification in specific iterations of this MOD.

If you download this app, you can use not one, but two different WhatsApp accounts simultaneously. To accomplish this, you will need to maintain the official version while also having this one installed. On the other hand, you will need two different phone numbers to use this feature.


If you use WhatsApp on a regular basis and are sick of the restrictions it imposes, you may want to consider switching to another messaging app. additionally, and you want the experience of using WhatsApp as a whole to be improved, in addition to becoming more configurable.

If you want to disable all of WhatsApp’s limits and additional privacy and security safeguards, you have found the correct place to do so. In addition, if you already have a WhatsApp account but would like to add these features to it, you can do so. Just utilize the MB WhatsApp APK.